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online book of shadows and updateAromaG’s Botanica is thrilled to announce a significant transformation of our website. We’re evolving into an online Book of Shadows, a dedicated learning hub for all individuals interested in Hoodoo, witchcraft, and the wider occult world. This transition goes beyond merely selling products; it’s about creating an immersive educational experience – our own little witch school.

Each product page will soon be enriched with extensive information about its use and significance in various magical practices, providing an in-depth understanding of its origins, uses, and benefits. Our aim is to help you not just purchase but also understand the full potential of each item, thereby enhancing your personal practice. LIVE UPDATES LISTED BELOW …

In addition to this, we’ll be offering free spells for various intentions, from love and prosperity to protection and spiritual growth. These spells, crafted by experienced practitioners, will serve as valuable resources for both beginners and seasoned witches alike.

We’re also committed to providing you with informative articles on a vast range of occult topics. Whether you’re looking to deepen your existing knowledge or explore new areas, these articles will serve as your guide. Expect detailed rituals that you can follow or adapt according to your path, along with comprehensive profiles on various deities across different pantheons.

We understand the importance of crafting in magical practices. That’s why we’ll provide resources on creating your own magical tools and items. Whether you want to make your own talismans, brew your potions, or craft your spell jars, our website will serve as a practical guide.

In essence, AromaG’s Botanica is set to become more than just a store – it’s evolving into a comprehensive platform for learning, sharing, and growing in your magical practice. Stay connected with us during this exciting transformation as we usher in this new chapter of making magic accessible to everyone!

Below you will find all UPDATES showing each page as it transforms on the website. Check back daily for updates! And don’t forget, you can copy and print so much of this information to help create your own Book of Shadows for your personal use. (just remember, aromaG’s website is copyrighted. If you share in other places on the web, link back to us)

online book of shadows

  • Better Business oil page expanded plus a FREE SPELL to drive customers your way. 04-01-2024
  • Bend Over oil page updated with new information plus a FREE SPELL to compel the respect of others. 04-01-2024
  • Banish Negativity oil page updated with FREE SPELL of Protection and expanded information. 04-01-2024
  • The Magical Properties of Flowers: A Journey Through Botanical Symbolism – NEW ARTICLE!  Includes a free spell using flower petals. 07-31-23
  • Fluorite, raw – more information on the stones spiritual uses along with an affirmation for using fluorite for ground 07-21-23
  • tumbled Iolite – page expanded to three times the information and includes an Iolite spell for psychic awareness. 07-21-23
  • Pentagram Altar tile – update with info on what an altar tile is, how to use one, and the definition of a pentagram.07-16-23
  • Bronze Hecate Statue – page now includes information about Hecate’s history, how to pray to her, and calling upon her for magic. 07-16-23
  • Blue Kyanite Slivers – more info added about blue kyanite as well as how to use in rituals involving the throat chakra, astral travel, and energy clearing. 07-16-23
  • Tansy – information greatly lengthened and includes a bottle spell using tansy to honor the dead. 07-13-23
  • Butchers Broom – more information plus a new spell for using butchers broom for psychic abilities. 07-13-23
  • Coriander Seeds – extended page with more information about how coriander is used for most lust and protection magic. Includes spell using the seeds. 07-13-23
  • Angelica Root – extended page including instructions for making magical sachet powders with angelica root powder 07-02-23
  • Alfalfa Herb – updated page with twice the information plus a Money Bottle Spell using alfalfa. 07-01-2023
  • Burdock Root – more information on how root is used in hoodoo and witchcraft plus instructions on How To Create a Necklace with Burdock Root 06-30-2023
  • Arnica Flower – enhanced page on this healing flower with arnica Poppet Spell for Healing 06-30-2023
  • Orula – Orisha of Knowledge and Wisdom – also known as Orunmila, we’ve lengthened this page and included a Santerian prayer to Orula.
  • Rose Petals – enhanced page with more information and Love Attraction Spell added 06-30-2023
  • Moon Magic and the Phases of the Moon – NEW ARTICLE! 06-29-2023
  • Is Black Magic Real? – NEW ARTICLE! 06-28-2023
  • Angel Numbers and Numerology: A Divine Connection NEW ARTICLE! 06-28-2023