Specialty Bottle – Supplier Review

I’ve been using Specialty Bottle for years, mainly for glass bottles for essential oils.  Other items that I have ordered from them in the past and been pleased with are their brushed aluminum bottles and their candle tins.

I only wish they were closer.  Shipping from California to Tennessee can take a few days.  Of course, because of the distance, I always order a few extra bottles to allow from breakage.  And there is usually one to three glass bottles broken out of the pack of 160 I order.  But hey, should I insist that the buy more bubble wrap than they do?  In the long run, that will only increase the costs of the products.  No, I’d rather order a few extra bottles as insurance just in case I might need them.

One thing I really like about the Specialty Bottle website is that your order begins totalling itself in the right column.  There, you can also check to see how much shipping is going to be before proceeding to checkout – which is really terrific for those days when you go a little wild and order glass jars you really don’t need, only to discover that you’ve upped your shipping 50% with that impulse to shop!

Recently, I ordered 250 cobalt blue bottles and 25 amber dram bottles.  Unfortunately, the drams arrived with no lids.  When I called, they were immediately on the problem.  When I checked my email a half hour later, there was already a tracking number for the dram lids that were on their way.

Their prices are hard to beat, EVEN if you’re shipping across country.  And it is such a convenience to find a bottle supplier that INCLUDES the lid in the cost!  There’s nothing that gets on my nerves more than going to a website where I must go to another page on the site to buy lids for bottles.  And, those sites rarely sell the lids in the same quantities as the bottles.  Not so with Specialty Bottle.  Bottle and lid, one page and one price.

How many years have I been ordering from Specialty Bottle?  Without getting up and digging around old records, if I had to venture a guess I would say since 2003, maybe longer.  Eight years and I’m still loyal?  They must be doing something I like!