Sachet Powders used in Hoodoo

Sachet Powders – Hoodoo Dusting Powders

Sachet powders are used in magic in a variety of ways. You can dust paperwork with them, blow them across candles you are dressing, sprinkle them around a home or property — there are many possibilities. Our sachet powders contain powdered roots, herbs, flowers, and are blended with real essential oils in a base of cornstarch, baking powder, and bentonite clay.

Due to some of the exotic ingredients used in them, they aren’t usually used for powdering the body, as some oils and herbs could irritate sensitive areas. A little pinch goes a long way so a full packet of sachet powder should last for a long time.

They are also used in foot track magic. Simply mix with a little dirt and sprinkle where your target will walk. The inclusion of dirt helps disguise the look of powder on the ground.

Also known as Crown of Success, Crown of Achievement is used for success in career, business, and the performing arts. Especially good for singers, song writers, and other performers trying to break into the business. John the Conqueror root, Pyrite, Frankincense, Bay Leaf, Five Finger Grass, and other herbs and essential oils. Candle color = purple

Hot Foot is used when you want to get rid of someone. Whether it be the ex that just won’t leave you alone, a tenant that refuses to pay the rent, or people in your life that are always stirring up drama. When you want someone to hit the road, you “hotfoot” them. Cayenne Pepper, Black Pepper, Thyme, Red Chilis, and other herbs and essential oils. Candle color = red or black

Who doesn’t need a little more love in their life? Not just for romantic love. Can also be used to surround yourself with loving friends and for attracting new people into your life. Wear it as a pulse point perfume to attract new interest. This love attracting oil contains: white sage, lavender buds, rose petals, rose oil, sandalwood oil, and other herbs and essential oils. Candle color = red or pink

For bringing more money and abundance into your home or business. Use on purses, wallets, and wherever you deal with finances and money. Money drawing work has been used in hoodoo for a long time and is the most requested form of rootwork, second to love. Fenugreek, Cinnamon, Alfalfa, Vetiver, and other herbs and essential oils. Candle color = green