Pyramid of Power – Spell to Regain Personal Power & Confidence

Joan of Arc, a symbol of personal powerPYRAMID OF POWER spell

This spell is one of personal power, to regain your confidence and take back control of all your good qualities so that you can forge the life you want to create.

  • What you will need:
  • 1 purple vigil candle
  • 1 black vigil candle
  • 1 white vigil candle
  • JOAN OF ARC oil

    For this Pyramid of Power Spell, take three vigil candles: one purple, one black, and one white. Form in a triangle with the purple candle at the head, the black to the bottom left, and the white to the right left. Purple candle, dress with JOAN OF ARC oil; Black candle, dress with JINX BEGONE or SAINT CYPRIAN oil; White candle, dress with SHAMAN BLESSING oil.In the center of these three candles, place a small bowl of sugar and put a picture of yourself in the bowl. If you can, try to choose a picture of yourself that you genuinely like, one that was taken on a happy day. On the back of the picture, write out all of your good qualities and things that make you feel blessed. Anoint in the sign of the cross with the SHAMAN BLESSING OIL.

To the left of the black candle, place a fire safe dish. Write out all things that are holding you back in life such as bad habits, certain people, or unpleasant situations. Each day, until all the candles have burned out, tear the paper into smaller pieces and move further away from the candles. When all the candles have finished burning, burn the pieces of paper. Take the ashes outside at sunset and blow them to the West in the direction of the setting sun.

Take your photograph, fold it towards you three times and carry with for the next three weeks. Longer if you prefer and can use it as an ingredient in a mojo bag.