Yuletide 2023 box – Botanica Box


Yuletide 2023 box. A large box of magical goodies that is a great gift. $59.95 (a sold-separately retail value of over $68.00.) sorry, because it is already so discounted, the Botanica box isn’t available for coupons and discounts.

What’s in the 2021 Yuletide Botanica Box:
– Candy Cane black tea
– Peace soap
– Peppermint soap
– Healing soap
– GIVING St. Nicholas candle tin
– Bottle Magic No9 oil
– White Sage bundle
– Blessing powdered incense
– Evil Eye bracelet
– Tigers Eye stone
– Rose Quartz crystal
– Nephrite Jade stone
– Red and Green chime candles
– Palo santo stick

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Yuletide 2023 box.