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The Wizard’s Tarot – Magic users of many paths will love this breathtaking deck filled with adepts, spellcasters, boundless power, and deep mysteries. Each card comes to life in vibrant splashes of color and explosive displays of incredible magic. These wizards will delight you with every flip of the cards. So raise your sword, wave your wand, tip your cup, and draw your pentacle with this irresistible, Rider-Waite-Smith–based deck and full-color guidebook.

The boxed set is gorgeous, well-made, and well wrapped; the companion book is elegant and polished.

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Wizard’s Tarot Review

So, what do we think about the Wizard’s tarot? What is certain is that wizards are linked to reading, education, learning, wisdom, signs and symbols, the mysterious, magic, and wonderful libraries. The Wizards Tarot plays with the idea of novices and adepts acquiring, imparting, and using their skills, offering you all the rewards and difficulties of being a wizard.

In The Wizards Tarot, the magically inclined dress down in jeans and t-shirts and dress up in corsets, silks, and satins on university campuses that are designed in the English Gothic style (think Hogwarts or Brakebills). And while I do prefer my wizards to wear floppy-brimmed hats, some of the modern wizards here occasionally don cone (of power?) hats that give them a very Smurf-like appearance. There are numerous scenarios that take place in suitably ominous woodlands, libraries that are loaded with thick volumes of eldritch wisdom, and the alchemistry lab, which is furnished with floating test tubes and bubbling alembics. Problem-solving tools include calculators and wands, and one can almost hear wizardly feet padding along the cloisters.

This 78-card classic tarot deck features detailed illustrations. There are 56 Minor Arcana and 22 Major Arcana in the Wizards Tarot. The Minor Arcana consists of four suits—Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles—each with 14 cards; 10 number cards; and the Page, Knight, Queen, and King, which are the four Court cards. No cards have had their names changed, and the Major Arcana are titled and arranged according to the convention set forth by AE Waite.

The cards are trimmed to fit comfortably in most people’s hands and are a pretty standard tarot deck size at 70 × 120 mm. The card stock is incredibly thin, flexible, and light. It has a highly polished surface, an extremely smooth back, and a mild texture on the face, all of which make handling the cards simple.