Wild Wood Tarot


Your quest for solutions will take you on a wonderful adventure with the Wildwood Tarot.

In order to make sense of your current world, go to the ancient forest in the center of it. The Wildwood Tarot is a wonderfully designed card deck that can be used as a meditation tool, a divination tool, or a well of wisdom. The pre-Celtic mythology and a belief system rich in shamanic secrets serve as the basis for the tarot cards. Through descriptions of each card explaining its historical and mythological background as well as its divinatory meaning, it is simple to swiftly access the magical heritage of the Wildwood. Authors Mark Ryan and John Matthews introduce forest archetypes based on the seasonal rhythms and celebrations of the old year, including the Green Man and Woman, the Hooded Man, and the Blasted Oak. To better grasp where your life’s journey might go, go back in time.

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The Wildwood Tarot