Van Van Oil


Van Van Oil is a revered and multifaceted magical tool known for its ability to set wrongs right and turn bad luck into good, or at the very least, normalize adverse conditions. This makes it especially useful during challenging astrological periods, such as Mercury in Retrograde, when miscommunications and mishaps are common. Van Van Oil is also widely used to cleanse new magical and spiritual items, ensuring they are free from negative energies and ready for positive work.This harmonious blend makes Van Van Oil a powerful agent for clearing away unwanted influences and protecting against future harm.

To use Van Van Oil, anoint yourself by applying it to your pulse points—wrists, neck, or behind the ears—to envelop yourself in its protective and harmonizing energy. This can be particularly beneficial during stressful periods or when you feel susceptible to negative influences. For home protection, you can anoint doorways, windowsills, and other entry points to create a barrier against evil spirits and malevolent forces.

When it comes to cleansing new magical and spiritual items, Van Van Oil is incredibly effective. Simply apply a few drops to the item in question and gently rub it in, setting the intention of purification and preparation for positive use. This ritual helps to clear any residual energies from previous owners or environments, making the item a clean slate for your own magical purposes.

Van Van Oil can also be incorporated into candle rituals to amplify its effects. Suggested candle colors for use with Van Van Oil are orange or yellow, which symbolize joy, success, and clarity. Anoint the candle with the oil in a clockwise motion, focusing on your intention to banish negativity and invite positivity. As the candle burns, visualize the transformation of your circumstances from unfavorable to favorable, guided by the steady influence of Van Van Oil.

The rich history of Van Van Oil adds to its mystique and effectiveness. Originally sold as a lemon verbena cologne in New Orleans pharmacies and spiritual shops, it gained the nickname “Van Van” over time. Its traditional uses include keeping evil spirits at bay, breaking curses and jinxes, and providing robust protection. This historical context enhances its credibility and power within the metaphysical arts, making it a staple for practitioners seeking to safeguard themselves and their environments.

Overall, Van Van Oil is more than just a cleansing and protective agent; it is a versatile ally in the practice of Hoodoo and other metaphysical arts. By integrating this oil into your rituals, daily practices, and protective measures, you can effectively transform negative situations, guard against harmful influences, and maintain a balanced and positive state of being.

Lemongrass, citronella, palmarosa, vetiver, and other herbs and essential oils in a base of fractioned coconut oil. suggested Candle color = orange or yellow.

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Van Van oil