Upper Hand Hoodoo oil


Upper Hand Oil is designed to give you a decisive advantage over competitors in any situation, whether it’s in the workplace, academic settings, or personal endeavors. By shifting the energy in your favor, this oil helps you stand out and excel, ensuring that you come out on top when facing competition.

To use Upper Hand Oil effectively, start by anointing yourself with it before entering competitive scenarios. Apply the oil to your wrists, temples, or even the soles of your feet to create a personal aura of confidence and superiority. This ritualistic application sets the intention of drawing favorable outcomes towards you, making you more charismatic and influential in the eyes of others.

In professional settings, Upper Hand Oil can be particularly beneficial when preparing for job interviews, presentations, or important meetings where you need to outshine your peers. Anoint your resume, business cards, or even your desk area with a few drops of the oil to enhance your presence and project an air of competence and capability. This subtle yet powerful act can make a significant difference in how you are perceived and can tip the scales in your favor.

For students or academics facing exams, competitions, or scholarship applications, Upper Hand Oil can help sharpen focus and boost performance. Anointing study materials, notebooks, or even adding a drop to a diffuser in your study space can create an environment conducive to concentration and success. By using the oil in this manner, you align yourself with the energies of achievement and excellence.

In personal endeavors, such as sports, creative competitions, or even social situations where you need to assert your dominance, Upper Hand Oil can play a crucial role. Apply it to your gear, instruments, or any tools related to your activity to ensure that you perform at your best and gain the upper hand over your rivals. The oil’s energizing properties help to amplify your strengths and diminish any potential weaknesses, giving you a competitive edge.

Upper Hand Oil can also be used in conjunction with candle rituals to further solidify its effects. Anoint a red or gold candle—colors associated with victory and success—with the oil, and light it while focusing on your desired outcome. Visualize yourself triumphing over your competitors, with the flame representing your growing power and influence.

Overall, Upper Hand Oil is more than just a competitive enhancer; it is a strategic ally in your quest for dominance and success. By incorporating this oil into your daily routines and rituals, you can shift the energy in your favor, ensuring that you consistently have the advantage in any competitive scenario.

Contains: alfalfa, rose, ginger, nutmeg, chamomile and other herbs and essential oils in a base of fractionated coconut oil.

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