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Triple Goddess Oil – In magic, the Triple Goddess represents the three phases of the moon—Maiden, Mother, and Crone—and embodies the cyclical nature of life’s journey. Practitioners invoke the Triple Goddess to access her diverse energies, each phase offering unique attributes. The Maiden symbolizes new beginnings, youth, and inspiration, ideal for spells involving growth and creativity. The Mother represents fertility, nurturing, and abundance, making her powerful in rituals focused on protection, family, and manifestation. The Crone embodies wisdom, transformation, and endings, assisting in spells related to release, introspection, and guidance through life’s transitions. By calling upon the Triple Goddess, practitioners tap into the full spectrum of feminine power and wisdom, aligning their magic with the natural rhythms of the universe. Contains: cypress, sage, mugwort, dandelion, lily, mullein, cedarwood, and other herbs and essential oils + fine fragrance.

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Triple Goddess Oil