Tiger Eye rune set


Discover the magic and wisdom of the ancient world with our Tiger Eye Runes set. Perfect for those on a spiritual journey or seeking answers to life’s big questions, these Runes serve as a powerful divination tool.

The Runes in this set are not just ordinary stones, but are carefully carved from Tigers Eye, a gemstone renowned for its incredible properties. Tigers Eye is known to activate the third chakra, helping you to remain grounded, calm, and centered, regardless of the circumstances around you. This makes it an excellent stone for enhancing focus, clarity, and insight, all essential qualities when working with Runes.

Each piece in this set measures under 1″, making them compact and portable – ideal for on-the-go divination or as a thoughtful, personal gift. The runes are meticulously engraved with gold-toned runic alphabet letters, adding a touch of elegance and mystique to each stone.

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Tiger Eye rune set