The Power of the Breath Class with Jan Thrasher – Sept 17th


Practices for stress reduction, optimum health and mindfulness

Sunday, Sept 17th
6:30 – 8:00 pm with instructor Jan Thrasher
only 9 spots available!
aromaG’s Botanica, 223 Donelson Pike, Nashville, TN 37214

One of the ways we can take responsibility in preventing chronic health issues such as HBP and stress related circulatory issues is THE BREATH. One way of stimulating our metabolic system and increasing our longevity is to IMPROVE HOW WE BREATHE. People find it hard to believe that something as simple as correcting the breath and being mindful of how we breathe can solve many of our stress/anxiety related symptoms and improve overall health. The Breath is key in regulating our parasympathetic nervous system and is a valuable tool in establishing mindfulness and connecting us to the present. This workshop is a Yoga Therapy approach using modern research alongside ancient yogic pranayama techniques to regulate and harness the power of the breath. Attendees will participate in breathing practices for specific issues, learn techniques to strengthen the muscles of respiration and enjoy a guided meditation for deep relaxation.

Jan Thrasher, 500CYT, C-IAYT Jan has been teaching yoga for 24 years and practicing for over 27 years. Her teaching style is a variable combination of classical and contemporary yoga. She has received yoga teaching and yoga therapy certifications from White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, CA and Ananda Seva Mission in Santa Rosa, CA. respectively, and has studied with such wonderful teachers as Ganga White & Tracy Rich, Dharma Mittra, Erich Schiffmann, Rodney Yee, Judith Lasater, Dr. Sarasvati Buhrman, Ananda DeviKa’ Ma, Maetreyi Nolan, Richard Miller, Jnani Chapman, Shar Lee, Desiree Rumbaugh and Sharon Sauer, CMPTP. She is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists, Certified Trigger Point Therapist and specializes in Structural Yoga Therapy. She has owned and operated for 20 years one of Nashville’s first yoga studios and wellness centers which offered massage, acupuncture, healthy life-style classes, herbal education and application as well as cooking classes in vegetarian, vegan and raw foods. She has held yoga and meditation classes for such corporations and events as LinkedIn’s International Conference, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation National Leadership Conference, Deloitte, The Rodgers Group and Animax Designs. Jan is currently working on a book of Structural Yoga Therapy for Pain Relief and teaches classes and workshops in Myofascial Yoga Therapy. She resides in Nashville, TN and Melbourne, FL.

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“What if we focused on who we are and where we are going from the inside out? What if we made a commitment to refrain from causing pain to any living being, especially ourselves? A non-violent commitment that would include every action, word or thought that contained anger, greed or attachment. What if we made a decision to come from a place of love in all situations — with others and ourselves? We could let go of fearfulness, greed, and feelings of lack. We would recognize that there is enough to go around if we share, if we reach out with open hearts. We would know that our world is full of abundance and at last we would truly begin to live in peace. Let your yoga practice come from the inside out.” –Jan Thrasher.