Solomon Seal magical properties


Solomon Seal supports one in embracing and pursuing change, as well as in making difficult decisions. helps with spellwork to help with habit-changing or habit-breaking and aids in easing transitions for changes that are out of our control. Additionally, it is utilized in love potions to strengthen the bond between lovers and to “seal” a spell, sacred pledge, or vow.

To ward off evil spirits and disruptive vibrations, use Solomon’s Seal infusion or incense produced from the root of the plant. Additionally, it can be used to call upon benevolent spirits and elementals.

The root can be worn as an amulet to fend off evil spirits. Add for protection to incense, infusions, and sachets. used to gather information like incense. used as a component in spells to draw wealth. Exorcism incense and cleansing concoctions should be added. Place for protection in the house’s corners.

Other names include Lady’s Seal, Solomon Seal, Dropberry, St. Mary’s Seal, Sealwort, and Sealroot. Some use Solomon’s Seal during rites for the Autumnal Equinox.

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Solomon Seal