Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards


The gorgeous Russian lacquer-style deck of 25 full-color cards, Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards, and companion book blend the elegance of Russian lacquer box art with the fun of an antiquated gypsy system for determining your future course.

The reading uses all twenty-five cards in the deck. The querent concentrates on a question while he softly shuffles the cards. At different times during their lives, everyone makes an effort to understand the mystery of existence.

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Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards is a stunning Russian lacquer-style package of twenty-five full-color cards and accompanying book combines the beauty of Russian lacquer box art with the fun of an age-old gypsy system for revealing your path in life.

The deck’s twenty-five cards are all used in the reading. As he silently shuffles the cards, the querent silently focuses on a question. Every person attempts to solve the mystery of life at various points throughout their life.

Five cards are arranged in a single row at a time.
To link two sides of a picture, cards are rotated while each card must remain in its initial place. One row at a time, continue to arrange five cards. As you move along, join photos that have matching halves. Give the layout one last glance once you have laid out all the cards to be sure you have not missed any matches.

Each card features four half-images, offering 50 possible outcomes for any reading. For ease of use in the accompanying book, each image is numbered and includes arrows going up, down, left, or right. There are two pages with descriptions and interpretations for each of the numbered images.