Rose Petals – magical properties of roses

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Rose petals have many magical properties and have been used to induce dreams of one’s future love. In addition to being used primarily in love spells, roses are also linked to female intuition, dream work, avoiding conflict, beauty, confidence, truth, and passion. You can present or sacrifice rose petals to any deity, spirit, faerie, demon, or other inter-dimensional being you feel would appreciate them. The energy of rose petals is what attracts some entities to them. Rose petals are appreciated by goddesses including Aphrodite, Venus, Gaia, Flora, Astarte, Lilith, and others.

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Rose Petals have a Spiritual Meaning

rose magical properties red rose

used to make a person dream about their future love. Roses are mostly used in love spells, but they are also connected to a woman’s intuition, dream work, avoiding conflict, beauty, confidence, the truth, and desire. You can give rose petals to any god, spirit, faerie, demon, or other being from another realm that you think would like them. Some things are drawn to rose petals because of their energy.

Goddesses like Aphrodite, Venus, Gaia, Flora, Astarte, Lilith, and many others like rose petals.

Roses have been around for a very long time. Fossil records from more than 35 million years ago show this. People think that roses were first grown in China about 5,000 years ago, but this type of rose didn’t make it to Europe until the late 18th century. People liked how the Chinese roses bloomed again and again every year. When these cultivated roses were crossed with hardy wild roses, they gave rise to most of the roses we see today.

Roses, whether they grow wild or are grown in a garden, have become a symbol of wealth and beauty around the world. When she was in love with Marc Anthony, Cleopatra would put roses all over her house so that he would think of her every time he smelled one.

Roses were grown in large numbers in both the Middle East and the Roman Empire, where the rich built huge public rose gardens to show off their wealth. Because roses were so important to the Romans, they put a wild rose on the door of a room to show that whatever was said inside should be kept secret.

The best time to gather rose leaves is in the middle of summer. Collect the flowers on a dry morning. Pull the petals off the rose gently, leaving the stem in place. Dry on a tray in a warm, airy place or at a low temperature (about 34°C/93°F) in a food dehydrator. Wait until the rose hip is fully ripe and a bright orange or red color, which usually happens in the fall, before picking it.

Roses are loved by everyone for their beauty and smell, but they also have a lot of magical qualities that can be used in spiritual ways. Roses are often thought of as signs of love and passion, but there is so much more to learn about them. Here are some of rose petals’ less well-known magical uses:


Rose petals are believed to possess protective qualities. Their vibrational energy can create a barrier against negativity. Some people carry dried rose petals in a small bag or sprinkle them around the house as a protective measure.


Roses have a long history in medicinal use, but their healing properties also extend to the spiritual realm. They’re thought to help heal heartache, soothe emotional pain and bring about inner peace. A bath infused with rose petals can aid in emotional healing and promote self-love.


Due to their high vibrational energy, rose petals are considered powerful aids in manifestation rituals. Their energy can help attract desires into one’s life. Writing wishes on dried rose petals and then burning them is a traditional manifestation ritual.

Divination with Roses

Rose petals can be used in divination practices. Some people read the patterns left by rose petals dropped into a bowl of water, much like reading tea leaves. The petals’ movements and final positions can reveal insights about the future.

Enhancing Psychic Abilities

Roses, particularly those with deep red petals, are associated with enhancing psychic abilities. Sleeping with rose petals under your pillow or burning rose incense during meditation is believed to boost intuition and encourage prophetic dreams.

Connection with the Divine

Roses have been associated with numerous deities across different cultures, including Aphrodite, Isis, and the Virgin Mary. Offering rose petals can help strengthen your connection with these divine entities.

In conclusion, the humble rose petal is a powerhouse of magic and spirituality. Whether used for protection, healing, manifestation, divination, enhancing psychic abilities, or connecting with the divine, rose petals offer a myriad of ways to enrich your spiritual practice.

Love Attraction Spell with Rose Petals and a White Candle

This is a simple yet powerful spell to attract love into your life. Remember, the most important element in any spell is your intention. With this spell we are going to tap into the magical properties of rose.



  1. using roses in love spellsBegin by creating a calm and peaceful atmosphere. You may choose to light some rose or vanilla incense to enhance the energy of love. Or, you may choose to bathe first with our rose soap.

  2. On a piece of paper, write down the qualities you are seeking in a partner or the feelings you want to experience in your love life. Be as specific as possible.

  3. Place the white candle on a safe and flat surface. Arrange the rose petals around it in a circle.

  4. Light the candle and focus on its flame. Visualize the warmth from the candle igniting the same warmth in your heart.

  5. Hold the piece of paper and read out loud what you’ve written. As you read each word, visualize it coming true. Feel the emotions tied to your words.

  6. Now, fold the paper and burn it in the flame of the candle (be careful during this step). As the paper burns, imagine your intentions being sent out into the universe.

  7. Let the candle burn down safely. Scatter the rose petals outside afterward to return them to nature.

Remember, magic works best when coupled with real-world actions. So, make sure you’re also taking practical steps towards attracting love in your life. Always practice fire safety when performing spells involving candles.