Reconcile Oil


Reconcile Oil, also known as Reconciliation Oil, is designed to mend hurt feelings and resolve situations that have driven friends or lovers apart. This oil is frequently used in conjunction with candle rituals, mojo bags, or other forms of reconciliation magic to enhance its effectiveness. It is especially potent if the separation occurred within the last six months, as prolonged time apart can make magical efforts more challenging due to people moving on with their lives. However, for those committed to mending a relationship, Reconcile Oil can be an invaluable tool during rough patches or periods of growing distance.

The oil contains a blend of herbs and essential oils known for their properties in promoting forgiveness, love, healing, and harmony. These ingredients work synergistically to create an environment conducive to reconciliation. While repairing a damaged relationship can be difficult and sometimes the best course of action is to forgive and move on, for those determined to rekindle a connection, incorporating Reconcile Oil into spell work provides a solid foundation. Using this oil as part of your ritual practice can help pave the way toward bridging gaps, soothing conflicts, and fostering a renewed sense of unity and understanding.

Reconcile oil contains lodestone, violet leaves, hibiscus, lavender oil, vanilla absolute, patchouli oil, sage oil, and other herbs and essential oils in a base of fractionated coconut oil. 1/2 ounce bottle.

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Reconciliation hoodoo oil – Reconcile anointing spell