Purification – Saint Therese powdered incense


PURIFICATION – SAINT THERESE OF LISIEUX powdered incense – used to remove all negativity from the aura, mind, and spirit. Particularly beneficial when used before to ceremonial or ritual work.

For loose incense to have the long-lasting, smoldering effect that it is known for, the ingredients must be carefully balanced. We added makko powder to our loose incense to make it “self-igniting,” meaning you don’t need to burn it over charcoals to get it to light. On charcoal disks, you can, however, also burn various raw plants, resins, flowers, and barks.

Herbs and essential oils that were traditionally used for that particular magical function are incorporated into each form of incense. For thousands of years, people have used incense for protection and purification, as well as for spiritual purposes, air scenting, bug repellent, and prayer. A quarter-cup of unrefined incense yields ample burnings.

How to use: take a pinch of loose incense and form into a loose cone or mound shape on a fire safe dish or in sand. Light top of incense, blow out, and allow to continue to burn.”

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Saint Therese incense