Pontifical resin


This blend of Frankincense, Myrrh, Benzoin and Storax resins is an orthodox blend used in churches around the world for prayer, meditation, peace, blessings, tranquility, and healing. Most recognizably, it is the resin burned during Catholic mass to prepare the nave for service. The smoke rising from the burning resin is considered a symbol of the prayers of the faithful rising to Heaven.

Pontifical resin, also known as Pontifical incense, is a type of incense used in religious and spiritual rituals, particularly within the Catholic Church. The blend produces a rich, sweet, and slightly spicy fragrance when burned. Pontifical resin is named so because it’s traditionally associated with high church ceremonies led by a bishop or pontiff. It’s used in censers during mass and other liturgical ceremonies for its symbolic significance and for creating an atmosphere of reverence and sanctity.

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Pontifical resin