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With the Paulina Tarot, we step foot into an enchanted location, we are plunged into a fanciful universe teeming with insights and ideas. The structure of the Rider-Waite Tarot is the model that the Paulina Tarot adheres to most faithfully. However, the artist Paulina Cassidy has devised charming characters and a wide variety of symbols, all of which are distinctively her own. Her inspiration comes from a wide variety of sources, including dream images, holistic health, Mardi Gras style, and Victorian-era clothing. The unexpected apparition of fantastical beings, such as dragons and flying horses, is not uncommon. The Paulina Tarot is a romantic deck and an easily approachable one that should be appreciated by tarot fans everywhere, particularly those who enjoy outstanding artwork. It is painted in soft, subdued pastels, and lovely details can be seen throughout the deck. 78-card deck accompanied by a booklet of instructions.

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Paulina Tarot immediately draws us in with its delicate beauty. Once we enter this magical place, we encounter a charming world of insight and inspiration. 78-card deck with instruction booklet.

“The Paulina Tarot is extremely breathtaking in its beauty. The deck of cards is of a standard size for US Games; its height and width are comparable to those of other popular decks, such as the Fantastical Creatures and Fenestra Tarots. However, the box is quite a deal deeper than it appears, providing additional space for a more attractively printed LWB. The finish on the playing cards is neither extremely glossy nor extremely matte; rather, it is a pleasing “in between” that makes the colors stand out but does not shine or reflect other lights.

The deck has what I’d describe as a “rich watercolor” for its overall color scheme. In some parts it is soft, while in others it is a few tones deeper. This is not what one would perceive to be a jewel toned deck because it has a lot more earthy appeal to it than other decks have. The changing of the seasons is captured beautifully in this deck, particularly in the spring and summer. There are an abundance of wildflowers, birds, and bees, in addition to other critters, some of which are familiar and others of which are not. This mystical area is home to characters who resemble faeries, and the artist transports us straight into the shadowy underworld that lies within the garden, the field, and the forest. These creatures are dressed in fanciful costumes, masques, stars, and bells, taking their cues from sources such as the Mardi Gras celebration held in New Orleans during the Victorian era and the pages of classic children’s novels. The artwork is extremely intricate and detailed, and it takes a significant amount of effort to unearth all of the secret enchantments that are hidden on each card. Prepare yourself for a surprise!” – review
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