Hot Foot oil by Papa Gee


Hot Foot, an old Hoodoo recipe, is meant to get rid of bad things and people in your life. It’s a great way to get rid of neighbors you don’t like, enemies, abusers, annoying people, or any other person, energy, or situation that is making your life hard. It can be used for both foot track magic and candle magic.

This is NOT an oil used to anoint the body because it contains hot peppers. Wash your hands well after using to avoid getting into eyes.

Most people use Hot Foot Oil in two main ways. You can put it down in a place where the person you want to catch will walk through it or on objects they will touch. Hot foot powder is the most traditional way to do a hotfoot spell on your target. The oil comes in handy for doing candle work when your target lives far away or there is no possible way to spread a powder where they might walk. Hot foot oil can be put on a red or black candle at work to make someone leave you alone, or it can be put in a bucket of water and used to clean the area where they spend the most time.

This hot foot blend is made with fractionated coconut oil as the base. It has red chilis, ceyenne pepper, calamus root, thyme oil, and other herbs and essential oils.

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Hot Foot Oil