Hot Foot jar candle by Papa Gee


Hot Foot, an old Hoodoo recipe, is meant to get rid of bad things and people in your life. It’s a great way to get rid of neighbors you don’t like, enemies, abusers, annoying people, or any other person, energy, or situation that is making your life hard.

There are several ways to use the Hot Foot Jar Candle. Some people may choose to burn it continuously on an altar, as part of a vigil. Others might use it more casually, lighting it whenever they feel the need to repel negativity from their lives.

The Hot Foot Candle is not just a candle but a tool for personal transformation and manifestation. It’s a symbol of the individual’s desire to rid their life of unwanted influences and make space for positivity and growth

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Hot Foot – In Hoodoo, used to make another person go away.