Oracle of the Mermaids


Oracle of the Mermaids – The mermaid images on these cards are exquisite and capture the essence of the feminine divine and the beautiful words of wisdom. A 168 page illustrated guidebook overflows with mermaid magic, legends and lore. Mermaids have always served as the delicious intermediaries between the human and aquatic worlds. Mermaids may show you how to overcome your past, sincerely love yourself, live authentically, embrace your creativity, and discover your life’s purpose. They are loving, courageous, kind, and bold.

Your power to attract love into your life, boost your self-confidence, experience sensual ecstasy, and radiate with youthful beauty and attractive vitality is enhanced when you connect with your Mermaids.

The 168-page book is filled with Mermaid magic, legends, and mythology and offers detailed messages and precise card spreads to assist you in finding solutions for yourself, your loved ones, or your business.

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Oracle of the Mermaids