Money Drawing – Saint Martin of Tours powdered incense


MONEY DRAWING – SAINT MARTIN OF TOURS – used to bring money, good fortune, jobs, a raise at work and lucrative dealings into your life.

Unlock the path to opulence and prosperity with our “Money Drawing – Saint Martin of Tours powdered incense”. This unique formulation is designed to attract money, bring good fortune, and open up opportunities for employment or promotions at work. It also serves as a magnet for beneficial dealings, setting the stage for a prosperous life.

The incense comes in a powdered form that’s easy to use and versatile. The self-igniting characteristic of this incense allows it to be used independently, providing an effortless way to fill your space with its potent aroma. Alternatively, you can enhance its effects by burning it on charcoal disks or mixing it with other raw botanicals like herbs, resins, flowers, and barks. This gives you the freedom to create your own aromatic blend tailored to your needs and preferences.

Every pack of our “Money Drawing – Saint Martin of Tours powdered incense” contains 1/3 cup of loose incense. This generous amount ensures you have enough supply for multiple burnings, allowing you to consistently attract wealth and good fortune into your life. To help you utilize the incense to its full potential, each pack comes with a back label that provides comprehensive instructions on how to use it effectively.

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