Magic No 9 Hoodoo oil


Magic No 9 oil is Used as a all-purpose oil that can be used in almost all types of magic and spells or to enhance the magic of other oils and ingredients. It contains a well-balanced blend of herbs and oils that approach a variety of conditions and situations in the hoodoo tradition. Use it when you’re not sure what oil you need the most or have several situations to tackle. Angelica, hyssop, lavender, frankincense, blessed thistle, mandarin oil, vanilla absolute, bay oil, patchouli oil, and other herbs and essential oils in a base of fractionated coconut oil.

Are you out of your favorite oil and need it quickly for a certain spell? You can use Magic No 9 in its place. Contains the energy of many different forms of magic – a little bit of love, healing, cursing, UNcursing, money magic, and more all blended together. It is your focus and intention that tells the oil which one to activate for your purpose.

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Magic no 9 is an all-purpose magical oil