Medieval Scapini Tarot


Intricate and elegant of design, the Medieval Scapini Tarot seeks to capture the artistic wonder of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Cut the deck and lay a spread and discover the hidden meanings found in the symbolism, style, and settings of the Major and Minor Arcana, all beautifully rendered by Luigi Scapini to bring your divination to life.

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Medieval Scapini Tarot – This gold-accented tarot deck features beautiful paintings by Italian artist Luigi Scapini that depict Italy in the 15th century. The Major Arcana and court cards feature gold backgrounds, similar to European decks from the fourteenth century. Full scenes can be found in both the Major and Minor Arcana. In the Minors, the scenes are organized around symmetrical configurations of the suit symbols that serve as composition.

His sumptuous surroundings and period attire demonstrate the breadth of Scapini’s knowledge of art history. Many of the cards feature historical people, such as Rasputin as the Knight of Cups, and effectively incorporate interesting facts and hilarious references. The general scenarios depicted in the Medieval Scapini deck are easily relatable by readers, making for enjoyable and illuminating readings.