Mastery Hoodoo oil


Mastery Oil is a powerful formula designed to help individuals achieve a high level of leadership and align their minds towards becoming the best they can be in their chosen fields. Unlike Crown of Achievement, which focuses on attaining success and recognition, Mastery Oil is about honing one’s skills to perfection and truly mastering a craft or discipline. This distinction is crucial; while one might achieve notable accomplishments, mastery requires a deeper, more profound command of one’s abilities, ensuring that you stand out as an expert and leader in your area of expertise.

For those seeking to elevate their talents and skills, Mastery Oil can be used in various ways to enhance focus, dedication, and proficiency. One common practice is to anoint oneself with the oil before engaging in activities that require peak performance. For example, applying a few drops to your forehead, wrists, or heart area before a significant presentation, performance, or training session can help center your mind and amplify your abilities, bringing you closer to mastery.

Mastery Oil can be used in spellwork aimed at enhancing leadership qualities and commanding respect. Dressing a purple candle with the oil and burning it during meditation or ritual work can help align your intentions with the energy of mastery, drawing in opportunities for growth and recognition. Surrounding the candle with symbols or items related to your goals can further strengthen the spell’s effectiveness.

For those in leadership positions, anointing office supplies, business cards, or even the corners of your workspace can create an aura of authority and expertise, helping you lead others with confidence and skill. This subtle yet potent application can enhance your ability to guide and inspire, making you a more effective and respected leader.

Contains: master of the woods, galangal, High John root, bergamot, wintergreen and other essential oils in a base of fractionated coconut oil. 1/2 ounce bottle.

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Mastery oil contains master of the woods, a powerful ingredient use in hoodoo