Figural Candle – Male, Black


Male Figure candle – Black. Great for focusing your intention upon an individual by concentrating on their image in that candle. The solid black male candle works especially well for defense magic and getting to know your own power. For protection or to break spells, use our Protection Oil. You can also use the black male figural to put a hex or cross on an enemy. In this case, you would cut your enemy’s name and put our Crossing Oil on it.

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Male Figure candle – Black

Figure candles, sometimes referred to as image candles or figure candles, are molded candles that depict objects, people, and animals. The idea behind it is that figure candles function by using sympathetic magic to accomplish goals, much like a voodoo doll, doll baby, or poppet. Their hues differ and are typically selected based on the nature of the task being performed. Pink for pure or sweet love, white for purity, green for abundance and financial matters, red for love and passion, and black for evil or eliminating negativity. After that, they are typically clothed in enchanted anointing oils to align them with the enchantment being worked.

They are excellent for concentrating your intention on a certain person by focusing on their image in the candle because they are shaped like people. It is customary to etch names, dates of birth, and other significant information.

Male Figure candle in black