Lovers Oracle


Lovers Oracle: 45 Heart-Shaped Guidance Cards
Whether you are looking for love or searching for relationship answers, this beautifully crafted oracle is for you. Featuring the inspired words and imagery of bestselling author and artist Toni Carmine Salerno, this revised edition includes an instruction booklet with sample layouts. The 45 heart-shaped cards offer guidance, support and insight dedicated to lovers, both present and future, everywhere.

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Lovers Oracle- A perfect gift for Valentine’s Day!

Features evocative messages to inspire love and help guide your most intimate relationships.


As soon as I saw this deck, I couldn’t stop being drawn to its heart-shaped shape and interesting pictures. My search for a tarot deck about love had been long and hard, and I had been let down many times along the way. But at last, I found a deck that spoke to me on a deep level. The cards are of excellent quality, giving off a sense of durability and workmanship that makes the whole experience better.

Even though the cards were a unique heart shape, it was hard to mix them up. At first, my tries were frustrating because I couldn’t find a way to do it that worked well. But with persistence and a little bit of imagination, I found a way that worked perfectly for me. It’s amazing how a small change can turn a problem that seems impossible to solve into a chance for personal growth.

The way the deck looks attracted me at first, but it’s the deep words on the cards that have really kept me interested. Each picture tells a story and makes me feel things that are very important to me. The messages are not only wise, but they are also very correct, giving me advice and wisdom that fits with how I’m feeling and with the people in my life. It’s as if the deck has a strange way of knowing what my deepest worries and thoughts are.

The guide that comes with this deck, however, is something I think could be better. Even though it gives a good basis and explanation for each card, I can’t help but think that it could be made even better. A more detailed guide would make the experience even better by helping to reveal deeper levels of meaning and allowing for a more in-depth look at the themes of love and relationships.

Even with this small complaint, I am always surprised by how this deck talks right to my heart. It gives me the reassurance, direction, and approval I need when it comes to love and feelings. This deck never fails to give me the answers and views I need, whether I’m trying to figure out a romantic relationship or figure out how I feel about myself.
– Susie P.