Hoodoo Tarot


The Hoodoo Tarot, which honors the intricate American Rootwork heritage, combines the metaphysical and botanical knowledge of Hoodoo with the Tarot’s technique of fortune telling. Each of the 78 cards, which are organized like a typical Tarot deck, has a full-color painting by magical-realist artist Katelan Foisy that beautifully interprets the traditional Tarot imagery by showing renowned rootworkers from the past and present as well as significant Hoodoo symbols.

In the companion handbook, Tayannah Lee McQuillar gives a history of hoodoo and an explanation of its complicated origins, which includes European influences as well as roots in numerous African and Indigenous American ethnic groups. She examines the conventional methods of divination employed by rootworkers, such as cartomancy, and explains why it makes perfect sense to combine the Tarot with Hoodoo. McQuillar offers a thorough card meaning that pulls from both Tarot and Hoodoo custom for each card in the Major Arcana and the four suits of the Minor Arcana (sticks, baskets, needles, and blades). She discusses the background of the rootworker or symbol, any connected magical plants, a pertinent verse from the Bible, as well as any applicable advise and advice depending on the meaning of the card. She also includes sample card readings and directions for card spreads.

The Hoodoo Tarot offers a hands-on way to honor and explore the magic of Hoodoo for personal development and spiritual inspiration by providing a divination system rooted in the Indigenous and African experience in North America.

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Hoodoo Tarot