Giving Saint Nicholas oil


Our Giving Saint Nicholas oil can be used all year long, not just around the holidays. Its unique formula promotes kindness and giving, which makes it useful for many situations.

Anointing candles, objects, and other ritual items is one of its main uses. When you use this oil on these things, it gives them an aura of generosity and kindness, turning them into images of kindness and charity. Having these blessed things around us can be a gentle lesson to be kind to others every day.

Our Saint Nicholas anointing oil can also be used to bless a holiday wreath that hangs on your front door. This simple act makes everyone who walks by your house feel happy and generous. It’s a quiet but effective way to make people in your neighborhood feel good. Encourages acts of kindness and sharing can give you a sense of joy.

With essential oils of fir needle, cinnamon, and orange with angelica and myrrh along with other herbs and essential oils in a blend of fractionated coconut oil.

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Giving Saint Nicholas oil