Fifth Spirit Tarot


Fifth Spirit Tarot – A Queer and Inclusive Deck for a World Beyond Binaries

Expanding the tarot archetypes beyond the gender binary, this deck re-imagines tarot from a queer and inclusive perspective. 

Originally crowdfunded and self-published in 2020, Fifth Spirit Tarot is receiving new life in an updated mass market edition! With an upgraded box, expanded guidebook, and several retouched or entirely new cards, this edition is sure to be a new favorite on your tarot shelf. 

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Fifth Spirit Tarot – Tarot for a World Beyond Binaries 

We contain all the archetypes—every single one of us. We all have some Empress and Emperor, some Queen and King. We all go through phases of Death and phases of The Fool and phases of The Sun. The more we work with Tarot, the more we realize that binaries don’t exist and everything is fluid—gender, meaning, even time. We come to realize that we’re all creatures made of earth and air, fire and water, all four elements bound together by the fifth element: spirit.

That’s the inspiration for Fifth Spirit Tarot, a queer and inclusive 78-card deck conceived and created by Charlie Claire Burgess (they/them), a queer and non-binary tarot reader and artist. Fifth Spirit seeks to expand the archetypes beyond the gender binary and reflect the diversity and divinity of human bodies and human spirits. The artwork lovingly features folks of different races, body shapes, abilities, ages, and gender expressions, and special care was given to leave the cards open to interpretation for various relationship styles and family groups.