Female Figure candle – Green


Female Figure candle – Green. Great for focusing your intention upon an individual by concentrating on their image in that candle.

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Female Figure candle – Green

Figural candles, also known as figure candles or image candles, are molded candles that represent the shapes of people, animals, and objects. The thought behind it is that figure candles work in a similar fashion as a voodoo doll, a doll baby, or a poppet — calling upon sympathetic magic to achieve an end result. Their colors vary and are usually chosen for the type of work you are doing. Black for baneful or removing negativity, red for love and passion, pink for true or sweet love, white for purity, green for abundance and money matters. They are then usually dressed with magical anointing oils to bring them into tune with the magic being performed.

Being in the shape of people, they are great for focusing your intention upon an individual by concentrating on their image in that candle. It is common to carve names, birth dates, and other important information on the candle to bond it with the intended target. Single images of male or female are the most commonly.

The Marriage candles show a couple side by side as if they were on top of a wedding cake and are mostly used for issues relating the marriage and relationships.

The Front-to-Front candles are used for bringing two lovers together, or keeping them connected or to strengthen the sexual bonds. Also used to bring a stray lover back.

The Back-to-Back candles have the opposite effect and are used in breakup work or to separate two people. Keep in mind that separating two people doesn’t have to be romantic in nature. People have used back-to-back candles to remove a nasty coworker from under a boss’ favor.

Skull candles are associated with the thoughts, emotions, and motivations of people. Usually pins or nails are placed into skull candle and representations of “piercing thoughts” into the mind. If you study what the different sections of the brain do, simply place the pins in the area of the skull (the candle) depending on the type of shellwork you are performing.

Cross candles are shaped like a crucifix and are used in works of blessings, cleansing, and Christian prayers. However, cross candles can also be used to represent people if you happen to be out of male or female figural candles.

Gender candles are shaped like the penis or the vagina and have historically been used for spells of sexuality and passion. Also used for securing the fidelity of a lover. Often used in workings of fertility.