Dragons Blood resin


Many paths believe that adding Dragons Blood to another blend you are creating or a spell you are casting will increase its potency. Many use it for cleansing a space or to banish negativity. Associated with the element of fire and the planet Mars. Used for protection, courage, and to gain power.

Dragon’s Blood resin is a natural plant resin that’s typically sourced from the Dracaena draco tree, among other species. The resin gets its unique name from its deep red color, which can range from bright crimson to dark burgundy. Dragon’s Blood resin has a sweet, slightly spicy aroma and is traditionally used in incense, medicine, and dye. In spiritual practices, it’s often used for protection, love, and enhancing power. The resin is usually collected by making cuts into the tree’s bark and allowing the sap to harden upon exposure to air.

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dragons blood resin