Dixie John Oil


Dixie John Oil, also known by several other names such as Southern John, Low John, Beth Root, and Trillium, is a versatile oil primarily utilized in matters of luck, love, family, and sexuality. This powerful oil is particularly renowned for its ability to enhance and sustain passionate feelings, making it an ideal choice for magic aimed at fostering a loving marriage and a home life filled with luck and passion. Practitioners often turn to Dixie John Oil to attract new romantic interests or to reignite the flames of passion that may have waned over time.

One traditional method of leveraging the power of Dixie John involves boiling the root in water and then adding this infused water to the laundry when washing bedsheets. This practice is believed to imbue the sheets with the root’s beneficial properties, promoting a harmonious and passionate atmosphere in the bedroom. Additionally, some practitioners keep a bit of dried Dixie John under the mattress to continuously benefit from its energy.

The root itself, commonly known as Beth Root, is valued for its protective and magical qualities. It can be used to dress candles, anoint ritual tools, or be included in mojo bags for love and luck spells. Whether seeking to invigorate a current relationship or draw new love into one’s life, Dixie John Oil serves as a powerful ally in Hoodoo and other folk magic traditions

Some ingredients include: Dixie John root, and enhanced with essential oil in a base of fractioned coconut oil. 1/2 ounce bottle.

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Dixie John oil