Crossing Oil


Crossing oils have been used in Hoodoo traditions to work against enemies or those who mean harm, often resulting in “crossed” conditions that bring misfortune and failure. These potent oils are crafted from a blend of herbs and essential oils such as vandal root, cayenne pepper, licorice root, cedarwood oil, calamus oil, lemon oil, and a base of fractionated coconut oil. Historically, one of the earliest forms of crossing involved drawing a cross in the dirt and spitting on it, hoping the enemy would walk over it, thus activating the curse. This practice, originating from African traditions, evolved to include squiggly lines and later incorporated photographs.

To use Crossing Oil effectively, you can take a photograph of your target and draw a cross across their picture, sometimes crossing out the eyes and mouth for added potency. For an enhanced ritual, spit in the middle of the picture, draw an ‘X’ across the person’s face, and then trace the shape of the ‘X’ with Crossing Oil. Burn this picture under a solid black candle. Alternatively, burn the picture and place the ashes where your target will walk. When someone is crossed, various aspects of their life begin to deteriorate, causing continual bad luck and escalating problems until they take measures to remove the curse.

Vandal root, cayenne pepper, licorice root, cedar wood oil, calamus oil, lemon oil, and other herbs and essential oils in a base of fractionated coconut oil. 1/2 ounce bottle.

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Crossing oil