Court Work Oil


This combination of ingredients is said to help you with a judge or jury and get them to rule in your favor. Court Case magic has long been a staple in Hoodoo and the most prized ingredient for such a problem is Chewing John. Candle color = purpl

It is stated that this concoction will assist you convince a judge or jury to rule in your favor. Court Case magic has been a mainstay of Hoodoo for many years. You can use Court Case Oil, a potent oil, to help you in any court case. It’s frequently employed to gain the upper hand in court and is said to assist you win your case. It is thought to influence the judge’s decision to rule in your favor. It is ideal to improve your communication abilities because they can give your attorney or legal team an advantage over rivals.

There are numerous applications for Court Case Oil. You can dab some on subpoenas, hearing notices, and other crucial paperwork and documents. You can either apply a few drops to a cotton ball and put it in your pocket before entering the courtroom or you can just apply a few drops to the heel of your shoe.

Court work oil is used not only to stifle the efforts of the opposing attorney but also to improve communication and the efficiency of your own legal time, allowing your team to concentrate and find the resources and data they need to win your case. Use on yourself so that the jury or judge only sees an innocent person while they are looking at you.

Some ingredients include: Chewing John, Oregano, Tansy, Bergamot, Bay Rum, Dill, and other herbs and essential oils in a base of fractioned coconut oil.

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