Confusion Oil


When people first see this oil, they might mistakenly believe it is intended to alleviate confusion. In reality, its purpose is quite the opposite. This oil is designed to create confusion and scatter the thoughts of those working against you, thereby weakening their harmful efforts. Essentially, it is an oil of influence, crafted to disrupt the concentration of your adversaries and diminish the power of any spells cast against you.

If you know who is targeting you, mix a small amount of this oil with water and sprinkle it on their walkway or any place they frequently visit. You could even apply it to the bottom of their shoes or add it to their laundry if you live together. For use in candle magic, the color black is the most effective choice. This way, you can effectively create confusion and protect yourself from negative influences.

This blend contains: red pepper, sage, broom straws, and oils of lemongrass, eucalyptus, and valerian along with other oils and herbs in a base of fractionated coconut oil.

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confusion oil to weaken the influence of people working spells on you and mess with their minds.

In Hoodoo, Confusion Oil is used as a magical tool to disrupt and scatter the thoughts of one’s enemies or those who are working against you. The primary purpose of this oil is to create mental disarray, causing confusion, indecision, and lack of focus in the target. This can be particularly useful in weakening an opponent’s harmful intentions, breaking their concentration, and making it difficult for them to carry out their plans effectively.

Practitioners often use Confusion Oil in various ways, such as:

  • Anointing Candles: Applying the oil to black candles during rituals aimed at disrupting the focus and clarity of one’s adversaries.
  • Floor Washes and Sprays: Mixing the oil with water to create a solution that can be sprinkled or sprayed in areas frequented by the target, such as their walkway or living space.
  • Personal Items: Applying a small amount of the oil to the target’s personal belongings, like shoes or clothing, particularly if they share living spaces with the practitioner.

By incorporating Confusion Oil into their spiritual practices, practitioners seek to protect themselves from negative influences by rendering their enemies mentally disoriented and less capable of causing harm.