Clove magical properties


Cloves are often used for their magical properties to improve mental clarity and ward off negative energy. They are therefore a fantastic magical choice for cleaning your home following a fight or any other unpleasant event.

To attract money and valuable connections, carry a clove with you at all times. Additionally, while working in any area of finance, you can chew on a clove. Due to its potent, flaming energy, using this dried, hard flower in spells nearly always aids in manifestation!

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When it comes to their magical properties Cloves are thought to increase mental clarity and drive away bad energy. Therefore, they are a great option for cleaning your home after a fight or any other unpleasant circumstance.

Keep a clove with you at all times to attract money and good contacts. Additionally, you can chew on a clove while working on any aspect of finance. Using this dried, hard flower in spells will almost always help in manifestation because of its strong, fiery energy!

Due to its distinctive shape, the name “clove” is a combination of the Latin word “clavus,” which means “nail,” and the old French word “clou.” The clove tree is indigenous to the Indonesian Molucca Islands, where dried flower buds were frequently exchanged with Rome and China in antiquity. Only the wealthy could afford cloves since they were so revered in these societies. As a result, they were soon linked to success.

How Can Cloves Be Used In Spells?
Cloves can be used in spells by adding them to an incense blend, a pouch, a candle, or by making the dried flower into a charm. Cloves can also be utilized as oil, powder, or whole cloves.