Clearing and Unblocking Oil


Clearing and Unblocking oil to help clients bring out the best version of the person they really are. Meant to clear out and unblock old messages from the past – things that hold you back. For example, perhaps an excellent singer has never, and will not sing in public because they were told as a child, “you can’t sing.” This is what clearing and unblocking oil goes after — those nasty little voices in your head that say, “you can’t do it.”

Best if used as an anointing oil in conjunction with meditation. Sit quietly where you will not be disturbed, take a dab of the Clearing and Unblocking oil and rub between both hands then rub your temples. Allow the clean silence to fill the space and those negative messages from the past release themselves.

Many clients use this allow to boost low self-esteem. Bring your own positive inner voice to the surface. Can also be used on candle magic. A while candle for purity and a blue healing candle are the best color choices.

This oil contains white sage, cloves, myrrh, lavender buds, ylang ylang oil, coriander seeds, herbs, essential oils, fractionated coconut oil.

One, 1/2 ounce bottle.

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Clearing and Unblocking oil