CLASS – How to Read Lenormand Cards – Sept 23, 2023


The Lenormand cards are a 36-card deck of oracle cards that are read much differently than the Tarot and their popularity is booming across the United States. Much of this interest lies in one’s ability to quickly learn and answer specific questions about everyday life using simple and recognizable images. Lenormand readings can be far more to-the-point, accurate, and practical than Tarot. Learn how to anticipate problems and opportunities, describe people and events, compare alternatives, predict outcomes, and even answer yes-and-no questions.

We will cover:
– brief history of Lenormand cards
– the meaning of each card
– approaching the cards by subject (money, love, people, profession, which are the positive and negative cards)
– how to pair the cards to interpret their meaning.
– the nouns and adjectives of a Lenormand reading
– card layouts, including the 3-card, the 9-card layout, and the Grand Tableau

No deck of cards is needed to learn and take the class, but feel free to bring your own Lenormand deck if you have one. Our store carries a wide variety of Lenormand decks, catering to many tastes and paths if you would like to purchase a deck. Beginners to experienced welcome.

$25.00 includes a copy of Greg’s book LENORMAND BASICS. Class limited to 10 students.
Sept 23, 2023 – 2:00 to 3:30 pm.

Taught by Papa Gee (Greg.) Greg is an author, tarot and lenormand card reader, artist, and folklorist. He is the creator of the Good Mojo Lenormand Card deck.

This class is held in the aromaG’s Classroom at 211 Donelson PIke, Suite 111.

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Lenormand cards class.

WHERE IS THE CLASSROOM? This class is held in the aromaG’s Classroom at 211 Donelson PIke, Suite 111.