Bust it Down Oil


Bust it Down oil is a powerful tool designed to help you break down the obstacles that stand in your way, regardless of their nature. Whether you’re dealing with emotional barriers like low self-esteem, procrastination, grief, or perfectionism, or facing physical roadblocks that impede your progress, this product is magically crafted to remove them and clear your path to success. Life’s challenges often manifest as emotional blockages, creating invisible barriers that hinder our achievements. Sometimes, these obstacles come in the form of addiction or are imposed by those around us who prefer to keep us within their comfort zone. Bust it Down works to dismantle these impediments, providing you with the freedom and clarity needed to move forward. By eliminating these obstacles, you take the crucial first step toward realizing your potential and achieving your goals.

Lemongrass, five finger grass, lemon oil, litsea oil, marjoram oil, basil oil, and other herbs and essential oils in a base of fractionated coconut oil. 1/2 ounce bottle.

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