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Brigid oil – Brigid is revered as a goddess of inspiration, healing, and creativity, embodying the fiery aspects of the feminine divine. Practitioners invoke Brigid to channel her energy of transformation, protection, and fertility into their rituals and spells. She is often called upon for her guidance in matters of poetry, craftsmanship, and the hearth, symbolizing warmth, nurturing, and renewal. Brigid’s presence is felt strongly during Imbolc, a festival celebrating the awakening of the earth, where she is honored for her role in bringing light and life back to the land. By working with Brigid, practitioners seek to kindle their inner fire, spark innovation, and infuse their creations with her sacred flame, fostering growth, inspiration, and blessings in their magical endeavors. Contains: lavender, orange, dandelion, rosemary, rose, and other herbs and essential oils + fine fragrance.

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Brigid oil