Boss Control Oil


Boss Control is traditionally used to make your boss or employee see things your way and side in your favor.

Boss Control Hoodoo Oil is a powerful spiritual tool designed to help you influence your employer or supervisor, making them more likely to see things your way and side in your favor. This oil can be used in various ways to enhance its effectiveness in a work environment. For instance, you can rub it on the doorway of your office, cubicle, or desk to create a sphere of influence around your workspace. It’s also common practice to anoint yourself with the oil before attending important meetings to ensure things go smoothly and decisions tilt in your favor.

It’s worth noting that some find humor in the potency of Boss Control Oil; whenever a new employee joins our store, we jokingly tell them they’re forbidden from buying this oil, highlighting its reputed effectiveness. The oil itself is crafted with a blend of potent ingredients known for their magical properties. These include Angelica root, Five Finger Grass, Alfalfa, Chamomile, Thyme, Cedarwood, along with other herbs and essential oils, all suspended in a base of fractionated coconut oil.

For best results, using Boss Control Oil with purple candles is recommended, as the color purple is associated with success and ambition.

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