Blessed & Dressed 7 Day – Road Opener


Blessed and Dressed 7 Day candle – Road Opener. A Road Opener is to open the way for new opportunities. Its energy is meant to help clear out old obstacles, leaving an open road for you to travel in order to experience new dreams and goals without blocks in your path.

In particular, Hoodoo and other metaphysical disciplines use road opener candles as a spiritual aid. By removing roadblocks and hurdles that might be impeding development or growth in any area of life, it aims to “open roads” or avenues to new opportunities.

Lighting the candle while focusing on what you want to materialize is a common part of the process. It is thought that the candle’s burning creates a mystical pathway for your desires to come true.

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Blessed and Dressed 7 Day candle – Road Opener candle

aromaG’s dressed and blessed candles are ready to use as is – there is nothing more you need to do them besides adding your personal prayer / petition underneath. Each dressed candle (sometimes known as loaded or fixed candles) has been anointed with our own herb blends and condition oils for their intended purpose. We meditate over them while fixing them and charge them with energy.

Our herb blends and oils were created by us using our 30 years of knowledge and experience in the magickal and metaphysical world. They were crafted and researched using the proper oils, herbs, roots, flowers, and minerals that were historically used, magically speaking, for their intended use.

Because of their unique magical nature, our blessed and dressed candles are not returnable or refundable.