Blackhawk ritual bath salt


BLACKHAWK – call upon the spirit of Blackhawk to aid you in your workings. Call upon the spirit of Blackhawk to aid you in your workings.People who use Native American elements in their Southern witchcraft should call on the spirit of Blackhawk. The Sauk American Indian group had a leader named Blackhawk who led his people and fought for them. He got an important historical holy bundle from his father, but he wasn’t a civil chief by birth. Black Hawk was a war chief or captain because he led raiding and war parties as a young man and a group of Sauk troops during the Black Hawk War of 1832.

Hoodoo and spiritualism from the Spiritualist movement in New Orleans incorporated Blackhawk into their practice. People now pray to him because he was known as a fierce fighter. They ask his Spirit to help them protect themselves from enemies, both physically and psychically.

Ritual Bathing has been a part of all forms of magic and spiritual practices since recorded history. Each packet of our bath salts is created using the herbs and oils for the particular condition you are wanting to address. Some people take a submerged bath and dispose of the bath water in a ritual while others prefer to treat the salt like a cleansing to prepare them for a greater ritual. Each packet contains enough for two baths. Pour half of packet into running bath water and allow to dissolve.

May also be dissolved to form a wash to be used around the house for cleansing or other purposes.

Only real essential oils, herbs, roots, flowers, are used — no fragrances. Approximately 4 ounces.

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Blackhawk ritual bath salt