Bianco Nero Tarot


Bianco Nero (Black & White) Tarot – The Bianco Nero Tarot is a unique tarot deck that stands out due to its raw artistry and monochromatic design. This deck is perfect for those seeking a unique, non-colorful tarot experience. It’s known for its black and white hand-drawn illustrations, which offer a refreshing take on the classic tarot design1.

Designed by Marco Proietto, the Bianco Nero Tarot deck is not only figurative and realistic in style but also adds a fantastical touch, lending a dream-like quality to the representation. Reviews of the deck praise its refreshing approach to the Rider Waite Smith style, which is considered a classic in the world of tarot.

The Bianco Nero Tarot blends the classic iconography of Visconti Tarot with modern, hand-drawn ink illustrations inspired by antique engravings. This combination of old and new, traditional and contemporary, gives the deck a unique appeal.

Despite the lack of color, the deck has been praised for its ability to capture attention and interest. As one source puts it, even if you’ve not been attracted to monochromatic decks in the past, this one is still worth a serious look

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Bianco Nero Tarot