Better Business Hoodoo oil


Better Business oil is a potent formula within the Hoodoo tradition, crafted specifically for entrepreneurs and business owners seeking prosperity, customer loyalty, and an increase in traffic—both physical and digital—to their ventures. This oil embodies the essence of attracting wealth and success, making it an invaluable tool for anyone looking to enhance their business endeavors. Its application is diverse, extending from physical premises to the digital realm, ensuring that all bases are covered in the pursuit of business growth.

Using Better Business oil on advertisements, business signs, and even directly on the entrance of a store can create an aura of attraction, drawing in customers both old and new. It serves as a magnet for prosperity, ensuring that those who come into contact with it—be it through physical touch or visual engagement—are more inclined to engage with your business. For those operating in the digital space, applying the oil on your hands before handling online content imbues your work with its powerful properties, enhancing the visibility and appeal of your listings or social media posts.

Anointing objects like lodestone and pyrite, known for their magnetic and wealth-attracting properties, respectively, and keeping them in your cash drawer, can further amplify the effects of the Better Business oil, creating a continuous flow of positive energy and financial gain.

Five finger grass, catnip, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, gold flakes, and other herbs and essential oils in a base of fractionated coconut oil.

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Better Business oil to drive paying customers to your establishment.

Free Spell Using Better Business Oil for Prosperity

Supplies Needed:

Steps for the Spell:

Arrange Your Candles:
Place the 5 yellow candles in the shape of a star on your altar or table. This formation represents the four cardinal points and the spirit, working together to attract prosperity from all directions.

Anoint Candles and Dimes:
Anoint each candle with Better Business oil, moving from the base to the wick, to draw prosperity towards your business. Do the same with the dimes using Money Drawing oil, then place them in the center of the star formation.

Position Picture or Printout:
Put the picture or printout of your business or website in the center of the star formation, atop the dimes. This acts as a direct link to your business, channeling the spell’s energy towards it.

Light the candles, starting with the top point of the star and moving clockwise. As you light each candle, visualize your business flourishing, imagine customers coming in droves, sales increasing, and your business becoming a beacon of success.

Chant for Prosperity:
With your hands over the setup (careful not to touch the flames), recite the following chant or one that you’ve personally crafted with your intentions:

“Forces of prosperity, hear my plea,
Bless my business, let it thrive and be free.
Through this spell, I call wealth near,
May success and customers always adhere.
With Better Business oil, I seal this rite,
In abundance and joy, my business alight.”

Closing the Spell:
Allow the candles to burn down completely (always in a safe manner). Once the spell is complete, collect the dimes and keep them in your cash register, wallet, or another place associated with your business finances as tokens of the prosperity you’ve invoked.

Dispose of the Remains:
Any wax remnants and the picture (if you choose) should be buried near the entrance of your business or your home to attract the fruitful energies directly to your venture.

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use this better business spell to get the upper hand over your business competition. Extra tip: anoint the underside of the drawer of your cash register.