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Aphrodite oil – In magic, Aphrodite is revered for her influence over matters of love, beauty, and harmony. Practitioners often invoke Aphrodite’s energy to attract romantic love, enhance self-love, promote beauty and aesthetics, and foster harmonious relationships. Offerings of roses, seashells, or perfumes are commonly used to honor her during rituals or spells focused on love, passion, and sensuality. By calling upon Aphrodite’s divine essence, practitioners seek to tap into her gentle yet potent energies to manifest love, restore balance in relationships, and ignite the flames of desire within themselves and others. She is a guiding light in matters of the heart, empowering magic that revolves around emotional connections, physical allure, and the pursuit of inner and outer beauty. Contains: lavender, jasmine, orris root, rose, grapefruit, and other herbs and essential oils + fine fragrance.

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Aphrodite Oil