African Gods Oracle



What if you could control what the reality around you returns by controlling the energies you sent to the Universe in actions, words and thoughts?

What if you could become the creator of you own happiness, changing the reality around you and achieving your dreams with the power of African Gods and Goddesses?

Through African magical traditions and its resemblance with Latin America, the Orishas spirituality and the lessons of the Odus are part of a growing daily process in which magic happens when we start to assume self-responsibility for our choices in life. Once we understand that what happens to us in the present is a consequence of our past choices (or the lack of them), we begin to connect with the holy source of all happiness and joy, becoming conscious and able to create the life we dreamt about. That’s what you’ll find in the rituals and meditations from African Gods Oracle: a self-transformation tool from which you can ask the Orishas about the goals and anguishes of your life and get the Odus answers that will lead you to success.

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Gaucho (southern-born Brazilian) based in São Paulo, Diego de Oxóssi graduated in Management Processes from Anhembi Morumbi University and Integral Systemic Coaching from FEBRACIS Institute. He is Priest of Kimbanda and Babalosha of Candomblé, working with personal development, consulting and spiritual guidance throughout Brazil and abroad.

For more than 20 years, Diego de Oxóssi has been dedicated to researching and presenting courses, lectures and workshops on Afro-Brazilian religions, their regional forms of expression and the integration of their rituals into society.

In 2019, Diego received the Young Talent of the Editorial Market award by PublishNews, the biggest Brazilian online publishing trade magazine, and has participated in international book fairs including London, Bologna, Buenos Aires and Frankfurt.