4th Chakra Candle – Archangel Raphael Candle


Heart Chakra candle is used to activate and balance the heart chakra. The heart chakra is where unconditional love and compassion develops. It affects circulation, passion, love, and devotion. Candle is made with palmarosa, rose petals, hawthorn berries, and other essential oils in soy wax

St. Raphael is the Divine Healer. The name Raphael means ‘God has healed’. Invoke Raphael to
– guide you and/or healers during times of healing
– keep physical and mental energy balanced
– heal tension headaches and migraines
– ease claustrophobia and feelings of restriction
– aid in development of health relationships
– enhance manifestation techniques
– self healing

Suggested uses: Use this candle to activate and balance the 4th (Heart) Chakra. Candle can be used as a meditation candle. Candle can also be used to invoke Archangel Raphael

Candle is poured in a 9 oz. glass jar with black lid. Burns approximately 40 hours if wick is kept trimmed.

Candle color = green
Suggest Psalm to read = 47
Please note – you do not have to work with angels and saints to use this product.

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4th Chakra Candle Archangel Raphael Candle